Wednesday 26 November 2014
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     1913 picture of Lutterworth Road Blaby

     This yesteryear picture of Lutterworth Road is interesting viewing, looking towards Leicester from Park Road corner.

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    "Tree Fellers".

    Well nine actually.

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    Blaby Mill

    This photograph was taken in the early part of this century and shows William Vice (miller) with his son Samuel and daughters Hilda and Gladys standing in front of the Old Mill House.
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    OLD BLABY a poem by the late Janet Smith

    Janet was a valued member of the community and locally well known for her poems.

    Here is just one example of Janets considerable talent.

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Blaby Bugle is no more the Russian b******s have hi-jacked the site. has had to cancel the Blaby Bugle, because our Russian friends have tried to hi-jack the site, and registered hundreds of names and used it for their spam emails. And as Russia is now a criminal state, theres little chance this will change. So sorry folks thats it.

Kind regards







Shirley Smith - Blaby Heritage

Shirley Smith is our local historian and has written the acclaimed

"Reminiscences and Pictures of Old Blaby" available direct from Shirley.





Blaby Amateur Golf Society (BAGS)

BAGS plays at different venues once a month usually the last Sunday in the month, for those interested please register and leave a comment.





Anyone Interested in music and wants to add content?

Music is something most people are interested in, and we would like to add some content for local bands and concerts, so people can keep in touch with local talent and diarise, forthcoming events. However, personally, I don't have a musical cell in my body, so if there's someone there willing to take up the baton, so to speak, then it would be much appreciated.


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